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5th Edition

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Unreal Connector is a training program specialized in Virtual Production in which Epic Games and UT-HUB push the audiovisual industry to the next level.


5th Edition

Start date:

October 2024


10 weeks


3 afternoon/week.

Program objectives

The main objective of our Unreal Connector Storytelling course with Unreal Engine is to provide participants with a deep and practical understanding of how to use this industry-leading software to tell visually impactful stories. Through a combination of theory and practice, our specific objectives are:

  • Mastering the key tools and features of Unreal Engine: Participants will learn how to effectively use Unreal Engine’s essential tools for cinematic creation, including scene management, animation creation, camera manipulation, and visual effects implementation.
  • Developing visual storytelling skills: We will explore the fundamental principles of storytelling and how to apply them in the context of creating interactive cinematics. Participants will learn how to structure and develop compelling narratives that engage viewers and create an immersive experience.
  • Optimizing workflow and efficiency: We will teach advanced techniques for optimizing workflow in Unreal Engine, including asset organization, resource management, and automation of repetitive tasks. This will enable participants to work more efficiently and productively on their cinematic projects.
  • Exploring virtual cinematography techniques: We will address how to use Unreal Engine as a tool for virtual cinematography, including the creation of virtual environments, lighting, and shot composition. Participants will learn how to create convincing virtual worlds and make the most of Unreal Engine’s real-time rendering capabilities.
  • Fostering creativity and experimentation: Participants will be encouraged to explore new ideas and creative approaches in cinematic creation, fostering experimentation and innovation in their projects. Through practical exercises and hands-on projects, participants will have the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice and develop their own creative style.


    To whom it is addressed

    This Cinematics Creation/Storytelling course with Unreal Engine has been designed with the following audiences in mind:

    For beginners, it represents an opportunity to tap into the creative potential of Unreal Engine and learn to construct immersive and visually striking narratives. This course provides the solid foundations necessary to embark on your journey into the world of cinematic production and interactive storytelling.

    For professionals already familiar with Unreal Engine looking to take their skills to the next level, this course offers advanced lessons and specialized techniques. We’ll help you delve into the software’s more complex aspects, optimize your workflow, and unlock the full creative potential that Unreal Engine has to offer.

    In summary, this course is accessible and beneficial for anyone passionate about visual storytelling and eager to master the most powerful tools available in the digital entertainment industry. Regardless of your level of experience, we’re here to assist you in achieving your creative goals with Unreal Engine.

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    Boost your career

    Design a successful profession thanks to:

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    Virtual Production with Unreal Engine

    Unreal Engine never ceases to amaze thanks to its real-time 3D capabilities, it is a unique tool that will allow you to turn your ideas into a differential product with hyper-realistic quality.

    Support from active industry professionals

    Learn about the experiences of unreal technicians who today work with the engine in audiovisual productions for film and television.

    Connected through Discord 

    Our Discord channel offers an exclusive community where you can interact with peers and experts.

    Online Training Campus

    Discover our innovative online training campus, designed to provide you with an enriching and accessible educational experience from anywhere.

    Get to know the work of the alumni

    We have professionals and alumni that we have helped in Unreal training projects such as Fellowship, Summer of Unreal and VES. Here you have the final result of some of them, they are spectacular!

    Types of sessions

    Discover how your training will be and our differential point: we create a networking network with active professionals in the industry.

    Online on deferred

    On a weekly basis, we will provide you with 3 recorded class sessions so that you can manage your training time.

    Guest Speakers

    We invited professionals who work on a daily basis with Virtual Production projects with Unreal to get to know different points of view of the workflow. Find references!

    Labs and Scrums

    Dedicated Scrum Labs where you can talk directly with a mentor assigned to your project and we will advise you!



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