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Projects PARTY ISLAND portada

Studio 3.5

In Party Island, you will have to throw the party of the century, as things have been quite dull lately. To achieve this, you’ll need to recruit various professionals from the industry, invite everyone to dance, and, why not, encourage people to try your famous cocktails to prevent the party from being ruined.

Projects FOTOGRAMA5 1

HADES Cinematics | Aitana Alba González

Creation of a realistic-style environment based on the underworld of Greek mythology.


Projects portada alh

ALH | Bubble Bird Studio

A.L.H is a 2v2 multiplayer first-person horror-themed shooting game that combines PvE (player vs. environment) and PvP (player vs. player) mechanics. It takes place in abandoned facilities where secret experiments with a never-before-seen form of life were conducted. During DNA research, an accident occurred, creating humanoid mutants that escaped and annihilated the remaining scientists. Both Nexus and Nebula, two of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, will try to recover as much genetic material as possible (creature eggs) to continue the research. For this, each will hire a team of specially trained soldiers for the mission.

Projects shiraz3

Shiraz “The lost light”

Your civilization faces a severe crisis; your planet, once abundant in resources, is running out of energy. In a desperate attempt to acquire more, trained explorers are sent to distant and perilous planets. Equipped with your mecha, you must explore an unknown planet, locate its energy core, and extract it. Gain upgrades that allow you to discover new areas and secrets in each level, in addition to enhancing your movement and combat options. Obtain keys by defeating the boss of each zone, open the temple, and defeat the guardians of the core. If you succeed, a final challenge awaits. Will you face your destiny?