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Course Start: September 2023

Formats: In-person, Online, and Recorded

Duration: 1 academic year. 

Schedule: Afternoon shift

Language: Spanish

Requirements: Admission process


What will you learn?

The profile of a Technical Artist is very comprehensive, given its versatility in different industries. Upon completing the master’s, you will be a hybrid expert between art and programming.

In this master’s, you will learn practical skills in Unreal Engine, starting from the basics of 3D, lighting, materials, AAA models, cameras, and VFX particles.
It is not necessary to have technical knowledge in the graphics engine, as our CORE Module will provide you with Unreal Engine skills to navigate through it. You will apply specific knowledge from the perspective of a Technical Artist and enter the market with a solid foundation. To conclude the master’s, you will undertake a self-selected project with guidance and support from the teaching team.

We will accompany you to become the professional you aspire to be.



2-hour sessions always focused on learning and the practical application of knowledge relevant to the professional world.

Always in Touch

Direct contact with instructors, the center, and other students.

Development in a Professional Environment

The development of software or video games is typically managed using Agile methodology, utilizing SCRUM and Kanban to simulate a 100% real-world environment.

Teaching Team

Each instructor not only has a solid academic background but also excels in their professional field. These active professionals bring the freshness of real-world experience, constantly updating their knowledge to provide students with an authentic and up-to-date understanding of market demands.

Version Control

Learn from scratch to professionally use solutions like Git, Perforce, or Subversion to efficiently track changes.

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Job Placement

At UT-HUB, you’ll find an environment where your talent will thrive, and your ideas will be valued. We offer professional development opportunities, an inclusive working environment, and challenging projects that will allow you to grow and prosper.


This program has been carefully crafted to provide you with a comprehensive approach to key art concepts for creating characters and environments for game development. It aims to equip you with the practical tools necessary to achieve success in your professional career through a combination of theory and hands-on practice.

Unreal Engine

We will guide you through Unreal Engine from the beginning: the technology behind it; the various editors in UE, the Unreal Engine interface itself, its tools, and some tips and tricks.


You will learn to model in the main software used in the industry, modeling strategies applied to different fields, and how to bring them into Unreal Engine.


Lighting plays a crucial role in any project. We will teach you the fundamental concepts of illuminating different types of scenes, various types of lights, as well as the different lighting methods offered by Unreal Engine, including the innovative lighting system, Lumen, and Path Tracing.


Unreal Engine bases its programming on a programming system called Visual Scripting: Blueprints. In this master’s program, you will learn specific programming techniques and interface creation.


Unreal Engine uses PBR materials: Physically Based Rendering Materials. This allows for the creation of high-quality materials that simulate real-world material characteristics. We will teach you everything related to the material editor within Unreal Engine, what a Master Material is, a Material Instance, and Material functions.


Unreal Engine features an editor that allows us to visualize and edit cinematics in real-time. With Sequencer, you can not only direct cameras but also animate lights, characters, move objects, and all of this thanks to this non-linear editor.

Extended reality

It is the term that combines both virtual reality and augmented reality into one. Currently, this technology is used to reduce the barrier between the real and digital worlds, creating immersive experiences that allow users to navigate and interact with the digital world.


When working in real-time, it is essential to know how to manage and balance project resources for optimal runtime. We will teach you to analyze projects thoroughly to identify weak points in performance and provide solutions.


Career Opportunities

And what will you be in the future? These are the most sought-after professional profiles by leading companies. We provide you with the guide, but the choice of your specialization is in your hands!

Technical Artist

A specialized professional who plays a crucial role at the intersection of art and programming in the video game industry. This professional profile possesses both artistic and technical skills, enabling effective collaboration with artists and programmers on the development team.

Lighting Artist

A Lighting Artist is a specialized professional in creating appropriate lighting in virtual environments, particularly in the video game and animation industry. Their primary role is to design and implement lighting in a way that enhances the visual aesthetics and aligns with the artistic vision of the project.

VFX Artist

A VFX Artist (Visual Effects Artist) is a professional specialized in creating and applying visual effects to enhance the aesthetic quality and visual experience in mediums such as video games, film, television, and other multimedia projects. Their work involves incorporating visual elements that go beyond what can be captured in reality, adding spectacular or realistic elements that enhance the narrative and visual impact of the project.

Environment Artist

An Environment Artist is a professional specialized in creating worlds and visual environments for video games, films, animations, and other multimedia projects. Their main role is to bring game or production settings to life by creating landscapes and atmospheres that contribute to the narrative and user experience.

3D Modelling and Texture Artist

A 3D Modelling and Texture Artist is a professional with expertise in creating three-dimensional (3D) models and applying textures to bring virtual objects and environments to life. This role is crucial, especially in industries such as video games, animation, virtual reality, and film production.

Available Modalities


Some advantages of this modality:

  • Facilities at your disposal
  • Direct interaction
  • Access to resources

Live Online

Some advantages of this modality:

  • Comfortably from wherever you want
  • Direct interaction

Recorded Online

Online en diferido (Online on Demand:

  • Perfect for working professionals.
  • Personalized attention and support through email and tutorials.

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