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Course Start: September 2024

Modalities: In-person, Online, and Deferred Online

Duration: 1 academic year. 

Schedule: Afternoon Shift

Language: Spanish

Requirements: Admission process


What will you learn?

Training in 3D visualization evolves at the same pace as the Unreal Engine graphics engine, in an unlimited way. Given the high industrial application of this software, very specific and multidisciplinary profiles are required. In this Master’s in 3D Visualization and Interactive Experiences in Unreal Engine, you will combine the application of the engine and be able to create simulations, hyper-realistic interactive catalogs, visualization of architectural projects, product configurators, virtual tours, among many other projects.

Upon starting the Master’s in 3D Visualization and Interactive Experiences in Unreal Engine, you will receive training in Unreal Engine that will allow you to acquire all the skills and knowledge to apply them to your projects. You will learn about materials, lighting, Blueprints, 3D modeling, interface and compilation management, AR and VR. Once these skills are acquired, we will specialize you, and you will be able to apply them to visualization projects in all industrial branches.

Top-level automotive companies such as General Motors, Audi, McLaren, or engineering firms like NASA already use this technology applied to their projects. If you want to be part of them, train in Unreal Engine.



2-hour sessions always focused on learning and the practical application of knowledge relevant to the professional world.

Always in Touch

Direct contact with instructors, the center, and other students.

Development in a Professional Environment

The development of software or video games is typically managed using Agile methodology, utilizing SCRUM and Kanban to simulate a 100% real-world environment.

Teaching Team

Each instructor not only has a solid academic background but also excels in their professional field. These active professionals bring the freshness of real-world experience, constantly updating their knowledge to provide students with an authentic and up-to-date understanding of market demands.

Version Control

Learn from scratch to professionally use solutions like Git, Perforce, or Subversion to efficiently track changes.


Job Placement

At UT-HUB, you’ll find an environment where your talent will thrive, and your ideas will be valued. We offer professional development opportunities, an inclusive working environment, and challenging projects that will allow you to grow and prosper.


This program has been carefully crafted to provide you with a comprehensive approach to key concepts in programming applied to the design and development of video games. It is designed to equip you with the practical tools necessary so that, with the combination of both theory and practice, you can achieve success in your professional career.

Unreal Engine

Learn the use of this versatile engine from scratch.


Master modeling in major industry-used software, modeling strategies applied to different fields, and how to bring them into Unreal Engine.


Lighting plays a crucial role in any project. You’ll learn fundamental concepts on how to illuminate different types of scenes, various types of lights, and the different lighting methods Unreal Engine offers, including the innovative lighting system, Lumen, and Path Tracing.


Unreal Engine is based on a programming system called Visual Scripting: Blueprints. In this master’s program, you’ll learn specific programming techniques and interface creation.


Unreal Engine uses PBR (Physically Based Rendering) Materials, allowing the creation of high-quality materials that simulate real-world material characteristics. You’ll learn everything related to the material editor within Unreal Engine, what a Master Material is, a Material Instance, and Material Functions.


Unreal Engine features an editor that allows us to visualize and edit cinematics in real-time. With Sequencer, you can not only direct cameras but also animate lights, characters, move objects, and more, all thanks to this non-linear editor.

Extended Reality

It’s the term that combines both virtual reality and augmented reality into one. Currently, this technology is used to bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds, creating immersive experiences that allow users to navigate and interact with the digital world.


When working in real-time, it’s crucial to know how to manage and balance project resources for optimal runtime. You’ll learn to analyze projects effectively to identify performance weaknesses and implement solutions.


Career Opportunities

And what path will you take in your career? These are the most sought-after professional profiles by top companies. We provide guidance, but the choice of your specialization is in your hands!

CGI Artist

A professional who creates visual content using computer graphics. CGI artists utilize specialized software and tools to design and produce images, animations, and special effects for various media, including films, TV shows, video games, advertisements, and more.

Environment Artist

A specialist in creating visual environments and scenes for video games, films, animations, and other interactive or visual media. These artists are responsible for designing and bringing to life the worlds in which digital experiences unfold.

Interactive Experience Designer

An Interactive Experience Designer is a professional who specializes in creating interactive digital experiences for users. This role combines skills in visual design, interaction, and narrative to develop products, applications, websites, or other experiences that involve active user engagement.

Lighting Artist

Profesional especializado en crear y ajustar la iluminación en entornos digitales, como películas, videojuegos, animaciones y otras producciones visuales. El trabajo de un lighting artist es esencial para establecer la atmósfera, mejorar la estética y resaltar detalles en una escena digital.

AV/VR Designer

A professional who specializes in creating immersive experiences using audiovisual and virtual reality technologies. This role involves working on projects ranging from the creation of visual and auditory content to designing interactions in virtual environments.

Available Modalities


Some advantages of this modality:

  • Facilities at your disposal
  • Direct interaction
  • Access to resources

Live Online

Some advantages of this modality:

  • Comfortably from wherever you want
  • Direct interaction

Recorded Online

Online en diferido (Online on Demand:

  • Perfect for working professionals.
  • Personalized attention and support through email and tutorials.

Scholarships and Financing



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