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Become the PROFESSIONAL in UNREAL ENGINE you have always wished for, guided by one of the 4 exclusive centers AUTHORIZED PREMIER by EPIC GAMES in the world.


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Unreal Engine

We are the official training center for the Unreal Engine, the open and most advanced real-time 3D creation software in the technology sector, which powers the biggest productions and immersive experiences.

We provide training in the necessary tools for you to design your own future.


Training Cycles

Begin your journey in audiovisual production and game creation with the most powerful tools in the market.


Master’s Degree

Professional specialization, define yourself as an expert in the environment that attracts you the most.



As a Premier Authorized Center in Unreal Engine, we provide training that will lead you to obtain professional certifications from Epic Games.


Training Cycles in Unreal Engine


Cycle in Game Programming in UE

Learn to program games in Unreal Engine and you will be able to implement mechanics, bring a narrative or storyboard to life, give behavior to characters, and create a complete interactive experience. This training is designed in a multidisciplinary way, so you will need to work following the work methodologies of a professional studio.


Training Cycle in Art for Video Games in UE

Learn Unreal Engine and many other tools, and you will be able to design graphic elements such as the creation of worlds, characters, and environments applying 2D drawing or 3D modeling. The cycle aims to teach all the tools that will be necessary for the professional world. In addition, our teachers will guide you on following the deadlines of the video game industry, so you can feel that you are in a real environment.


Master’s Degrees in Unreal Engine


Master’s in Programming

The Master in Programming in Unreal Engine is a study program that focuses on advanced game programming using the C++ programming language and the game development tool Unreal Engine.


Master’s in Technical Artist

The profile of a Technical Artist is very comprehensive, given its versatility across various industries. Upon completion of the master’s, you will be a hybrid expert between art and programming.


Master’s in Visualization

Training in 3D visualization evolves at the same pace as the graphics engine of Unreal Engine, limitlessly. Given the high industrial application of this software, very specific and multidisciplinary profiles are needed.


Master’s in Character & Environment Artist

A Master’s in Environment Artist in Unreal Engine is an advanced study program that focuses on the creation of virtual worlds and interactive environments for video games and experiences in virtual and augmented reality.

Unreal Engine Certifications


Unreal Connector Storytelling

A 10-week intensive program specialized in Virtual Production, where Epic Games and UT-HUB propel the audiovisual industry to the next level.


Unreal Connector ICVFX

Train in ICVFX technology through UE to bring scenes to life.

Cursos exclusivos en Udemy


Unreal Engine: Cinematic Creation in 1 Day

Designed for beginners and those with some experience, this course will provide you with an overview and a practical approach to creating cinematic sequences in a short period of time.

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Chase your dream

What will your training be like?

The unstoppable evolution of Epic Games Unreal Engine has expanded its usage across all market sectors as the primary real-time 3D engine. For this reason, there is a high demand for professionals highly skilled in the use of Unreal Engine.
To train these professionals, UT-HUB, in collaboration with Epic Games as an Official Authorized Training Center, has developed a comprehensive training program. With a project-oriented approach to training focused on current industry practices, you will learn to work with our team of instructors in the Unreal Engine while enjoying a real professional environment.
You will develop projects alongside your peers, both online and in-person, always in contact with the teaching team. You will use real methodologies and tools that will enable you to enter the job market as a professional in this technology.
With personalized mentorship, you can launch your own projects and receive constant assistance and advice from our faculty.

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Unreal Engine Across All Industries

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Unreal Engine never ceases to amaze with its diverse applications across all sectors. In recent years, we have witnessed how this technology creates immersive experiences through virtual realities. It is being used in the film industry, event production, and advertising marketing.
Starting from its initial application as a professional game development engine, many industries have been using Unreal Engine for years to boost their businesses in diverse fields such as architecture, automotive, virtual production, or education. Epic Games has widely demonstrated that this technology is limitless.
The best training comes from experience. That’s why both our teaching team and guest lecturers are actively involved, participating in productions and bringing their day-to-day knowledge and experiences into the training, derived from real-world projects.