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Official Training Center in Unreal Engine

“We boost your talent to turn your calling into your professional future.”


The Gold Training Partner center specialized in Unreal Engine in the Spanish-speaking world.

The UT-HUB team, experts in the Unreal Engine, provides the tools and resources necessary to ensure the excellence of its students. Our connection goes beyond their time at the center, as we will accompany our students throughout their professional future.


UT-HUB Unlimited Training is born to meet the need for companies to find highly qualified professionals in Unreal Engine. At UT-HUB, we aim to promote the employment of our students by preparing them to contribute to a sector that is driving the digital economy across all industries.


We stand out for our relationship with the technology sector and its professionals, starting with the manufacturer EPIC itself. As a result, our job placement includes the major companies in demand for professionals at both national and international levels.


Specialized training in Unreal Engine

Training offerings include online and on-site cycles and master’s degrees with guidance. Additionally, supervised practices are provided by industry experts through the simulation of a real business environment.

Customized Training

Courses tailored to the different needs of companies with personalized modular training. This allows professionals in the sector to obtain progressive training suitable for the participants’ professional profile.

Company Culture

UTHUB aims to create a workspace that facilitates networking strategies and professional collaboration across different sectors.

Our Hub in Zaragoza.

The official training center specialized in Unreal Engine.

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Where are we located?

UT-HUB is the Authorized Training Center for Unreal Engine from which we provide highly specialized online and on-site training in the Epic engine.

Our center is located in the World Trade Center building in Zaragoza and has 2000 m2 of facilities. It includes an auditorium with a capacity for 700 people, meeting rooms, a high-performance gaming area, exhibition and testing space for new video games.

In terms of training, it features classrooms equipped with the latest technology, a Virtual Production studio, streaming and content creation rooms, as well as spaces for Virtual Reality.

Specialized Training Rooms





Green Screen Room

Green Screen Room

Recording Room

Recording Room

About us reunion magic
Magic fennec x UT-HUB

 Magic Fennec is the creative studio where our teachers actively work on global Unreal Engine projects. Magic Fennec develops and creates immersive experiences in limitless realities. Thanks to creativity and real-time technology, we globally produce a new way of conceiving reality.


Our team of instructors and experts includes professionals from the Epic Games training team who are involved in the official programs


Unreal Fellowship

Since the first edition, our teaching team has participated as instructors, mentors, or TAs for the official Unreal program.

Epic animation bootcamp 23

Epic Bootcamp Animation 2023 LATAM & EMEA

We have developed both versions of the Epic Bootcamp Animation thanks to the trust placed in us by Epic Games.


Tribeca Training Program

We have collaborated in Virtual Production festivals such as the Tribeca Film Fest in New York.


Summer of Unreal 2022

We participated as mentors in the Summer of Unreal 2022, supporting 60 students in completing their individual projects.

Epic animation bootcamp 23

VES Training Program

We have participated in the Virtual Production training program by VES (Visual Effects Society).